Terms & Conditions

  1. The Billing Cycle will be from 1st to 31st of every month
  2. All bills to be paid on or before 5th of every month
  3. At any given time our Security & Housekeeping personnel operating from the site cannot be used to carry out duties other than what they have been specifically instructed to do so by Target
  4. This proposal is valid for one month only. If this proposal is accepted by both the management shall issue a work order in the name & style M/s. Target Facility Management Services.
  5. Termination of contract/agreement shall be given in written with one month notice or one month payment in lieu thereof by the Principle employer.
  6. The rates are subject to change in case of any increase in statutory contributions as & when announced by Govt. bodies during the contractual period will be hiked after mutual consent.
  7. The requirement of security personnel shall be assessed on surveying the area of the place where Security service is to be provided (Joint survey with the Management)
  8. The requirement of security person by shall a minimum of 03 men for 24 hours protection around the clock duty and surprise/regular checking facilities shall be provided (The reasonable checking charge shall be fixed depending upon the strength of the security staff of that unit)
  9. Where ever the strength of security staff is 15 & above, there will be a security officer as in charge
  10. There shall be a reliever for every six security guards and the security service charge of the reliever has to be borne by the management/client/customers. (For weekly purpose)
  11. The lady searchers shall be provided if requirement.
  12. The duration of security person shall be 8 hrs a day. In case of extension of overtime. Over time allowance will be paid.
  13. Any misconduct, irregularity of attendance of the security person notice by the management, the same shall be intimated to the security agency at the earlier possible time to deal with it appropriately and replace person and to take suitable action as deemed necessary.
  14. Management shall not give any type of employment to the security staff provided during or after the contract agreement.
  15. In the event of any theft or break-in, the report regarding the occurrence shall be intimated to the security establishment immediately to enable them to carry out investigation. If needed to file FIR to this effect shall be lodged with the police by the management and there after we will follow if up with the police or otherwise to proceed against the concerned and proceed the investigation.
  16. The wages, ESI, PF and other statutory records are maintained by us of our employees.
  17. The security establishment shall provide their personnel with uniform with logo and other essentials. However, the torch & batteries and shall be provided by the management.
    The service charge shall be paid on or before 4th each month or earlier in favour M/s. TARGET FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES by means of A/c payee local cheque.
  18. One-month prior notice is required to terminate the contract or one – month service charge in lieu of shall be paid. This clause is applicable to both the parties.
  19. The Facility Management Service charges given applicable only at Bangalore city and surrounding areas (Including travels, uniform, ESI, PF and other expenses)
  20. Passes register and related stationeries to be provided by client.
  21. This agency will also not be held responsible for any advance, loans etc given by the management to the security person. Any such occurrence will be the risk of the management only.